Indusmen Services

We identify and capture growth opportunities for your organisation
by reallocating resources, streamlining existing processes and using technology to free up capital for investment, manpower resources and more.

By helping you finding new sources that lead to competitive advantage, or fully optimising your portfolio of products and services to ensure optimal stocking and churning.

Through the thoughtful application of new technologies and capabilities, we’ll help you build resilience and reimagine the operational value chain, defining an operating model that will sustain your organisation

Ways in which we can help you

Administration, organisation, systems and sops


Optimise your processes of doing business, using better softwares, tools and systems


By adopting better technologies, systems and processes



Using and customising your ERP so that it can assist you in doing things in a much easier manner. We will understand, evaluate and analyse your processes to give you a more streamlined approach to your business. 

SOP & Policies

Make policies the way you want to run your business, SOP’s that drive towards the goals that you want to achieve

Streamline your workflow

If you are doing a repetitive task that can be automised in any way using readily available softwares or small customisations we will figure out a way to streamline your efforts

Workflow management

We will help you figure out easier way and more effective ways to do the things that you do everyday; to ensure; that the workflow is most optimised for your organisation

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